ZipGenius 6.3

ZipGenius helps you create ZIP archives and extract files with ease

ZIP archives are mostly known for their capability to store a large number of files thus helping you save space on your hard drive or USB stick. One program that can help you create and decompress file archives with ease is ZipGenius.

A good thing about this application is that it comes with two different interfaces designed for beginner and advanced users. If your experience level in handling compression tools is low, it's for the best you opt for the novice mode as you could lose relevant data from your PC if you configure the settings wrongfully.

In addition to that, the program supports a large number of file compression formats, allows archive encryption/decryption and even lets you send your ZIP files via email.

In my opinion, a disadvantage of using ZipGenius is that you need to configure plenty of settings in order to attach an archive to an email. You need to install an email program, create associations and adjust the settings which I consider to be a waste of time.

Yet, the performance of ZipGenius was more than satisfactory when it came to file compression and extraction. Moreover, another reason why you should give it a try is that you will never have to pay anything to use it.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Supports various file compression formats
  • Fast compression/extraction
  • You can send archives via email directly from the program's interface


  • It might take a while to encrypt/decrypt larger ZIP archives
  • Too many configurations in order to attach archives to emails
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